Talbot rearview mirror

Talbot rearview mirror

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Item #: R08270
for Porsche 356 B (T5 and T6)
Details: 1 piece | 100,00 € €/piece Weight: 0.6 kg
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The absolutely perfect, true to the original reproduction of the legendary Talbot rearview mirror for Porsche 356 B (T5 and T6 model), so perfect from 1958 - 1963

High-quality reproduction in "Concours Quality" - traditionally packed -

The only correct mirror variant for the Porsche 356 B, which (only) in Germany standard factory-installed and parallel from the factory to order was

(see extract original accessories catalog)

-- CAUTION ! --- The often offered Ponto mirror was never offered at the factory, but often installed in retrospect by Porsche dealers !!!

Including mounting hardware and the typical for the Talbot mirror gray seal, for immediate installation - either right or left

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