Karosserie Reutter Certificate of Produktion

Karosserie Reutter Certificate of Produktion

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Item #: AA01000
for your Porsche 356 with Reutter body - German version
Details: 1 piece | 299,16 € €/piece Weight: 0.45 kg
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We are proud being able offering this special document of your Reutter built car based on original historical data, showing various details of how your specific 356 has been delivered to Porsche.
As Reutter built the body including the interior - besides outside color and color codes, our certificate will give you detailed information about the various specifications of your car: such as the seat, color and used materials (f.e. leather, fabrics), dashboard color, color and materials for door covers, flooring (including producing companies) … to name just a few. 

The delivery date from Reutter to Porsche is part of the documentary and - once you proofed your ownership – we´ll provide the keycodes of your car to you within the certificate. 
In certain cases we´ll add extra specifications as long as they are mentioned in the historical documents.
In addition to the written information you´ll receive a printed color-card giving to get an impression of how the specifications of your car looked like. 
The documentary will give you as well some historical background of Reutter´s history including a couple of historical pictures provided by the Reutter Family Archive.
The Karosserie Reutter certificate will be the ideal supplement to the original Porsche certificate showing you technical information of your engine, gearbox etc.
Our nicely printed certificate costs 356,00 € (including 19 % VAT but for international buyer out of the EU it´s VAT free ( - 19% off). 
A duplicate of the documentation costs additional 39,00 € and can be ordered separately an shipping costs worldwide  7,50 €.
To place your order, all you have to do is to send us the VIN (Reutter Karosserie number), 2-4 pictures of the car how it looks today (for documentary reasons) and a proof of ownership (if you´d like to get the key numbers info as well) by mail at :
Of course, we will receive feedback from us after receiving your information.

As we already received quite a lot orders from Porsche 356 owners all over the world and our accurate research for the certificate takes it´s time, we´ll thank you for your patience that from date of ordering to secured shipping of the certificate it will take at least two weeks.
The certificate is available in german language and in english, please let us know what you prefer.