Original Porsche - Karosserie Reutter - key case

Original Porsche - Karosserie Reutter - key case

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brown leather
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Licensed reissue of the original Porsche Karosserie Reutter historic leather key case, which was available in the years 1953-1963/64, the time of the legendary Porsche 356 in this version.

The key case is faithfully produced in a small, fine South German manufactory in the Feintäschner craft, in over 20 steps elaborately BY HAND.
Also, the key chain with its traditionally shaped handle ("loop") is also "HANDMADE IN GERMANY" and will of course be gold plated according to the old Porsche tradition.

Stylishly packed in our Reutter box and fitted with our warranty seal, this will be the highlight of every Porsche friend and fan, collector and above all driver of the Porsche 356.

100% handmade in Germany

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