Original Karosserie Reutter square wheel cover -black

Original Karosserie Reutter square wheel cover -black

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Item #: R02120
Original Karosserie Reutter square wheel cover -black synthetic leather
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Original licensed Reutter body - spare wheel apron - made of authentic black synthetic leather

Spare wheel cover with pockets - black leather New edition of the spare wheel apron from the former IDEAL company,

absolutely true to the original

The practical cover is made of authentic synthetic leather and is lovingly made by hand in a southern German leather factory.

Like the original, it has a total of three pockets for storing e.g. engine oil, gloves, tools, charger, etc.

The cover encloses the spare wheel of your Porsche 356 in plain white and prevents, especially with earlier models, the soiling of clothing when refueling the vehicle


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